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Note From the Artist

Overall, I want my clients to be happy with the work I do for them, but past experiences have taught me that I need to have a formal agreement. I do my best to make the best illustration for every client, but like everyone who works freelance, I've gotten into a few problem areas just because I didn't have everything in writing.  

For my fellow artists that do not have a terms of agreement, feel free to use this as a template for you own use.

This journal entry includes pricing and information about my creation process and all things legal.  Unless something else is agreed upon during a consolation, these will be the terms of service.


  • All prices are expressed in U.S. dollars, and payments are expected to be made as such. No payments of in-game currency or DeviantArt coins will be accepted.
  • Displayed base prices are subject to change according to the complexity, difficulty, size, and medium of each individual piece.
  • A 50% down payment is required before any work starts and the rest is due before releasing the artwork to the Client, except for images less than or equal to $50, which require full payment upfront.
  • If the Client wishes to cancel his/her commission during the thumbnail stage, he/she will be refunded 50% of the deposit plus any additional payment. All refunds after the cancellation of the thumbnail phase will be at the artist’s discretion.
  • Commission payments are to be made using PayPal, and addressed to
  • If the Client does not have PayPal, other means of payment can be arranged. However, deposit is still required up front, before any work is begun.
  • Gratuities are appreciated, but not expected.

Paypal and Contact Address:


The following prices include a simple background of single color or gradient.  Unless otherwise specified by the client, the artist will use her judgement on background colors and gradients. Custom backgrounds are priced on a case by case basis.

Cartoon Style

Jasmine Jinx by Rizerax 

Cartoon drawings are designed to mimic the level of detail usually found in animation.  The drawing above is an example of a cartoon style. The artist will supply the client with a thumbnail of the drawing, and once the client approves, the artist will complete the drawing with no further consultations.

$50 for one character plus $10 for every additional character in a single illustration.

Cell shaded and fully Rendered color

Character illustrations other than the cartoon style, are broken into two broad categories of “simple” and “complex”.  The category is dependent on the complexity of the character, and is at the discretion of the artist. The client may request that a complex character be simplified.  The drawing below to the left is a simple character fully rendered, the center a complex character fully rendered with a custom background, and on the right a complex character with cell shading. 

Cell shading is flat color with one shadow color, and is what most cartoons, anime, and manga use. 

Nameless Gargoyle by Rizeraxmkr Hikari by RizeraxFrosta by Rizerax

Cell Shaded

$100  One Simple Character
$150  Two Simple Characters
$200  Three Simple Characters
$150  One Complex Character
$250  Two Complex Characters
$350  Three Complex Characters

Fully Rendered
$120  One Simple Character
$170  Two Simple Characters
$220  Three Simple Characters
$170  One Complex Character
$270  Two Complex Characters
$370  Three Complex Characters


Thackary Turnaround by Rizerax

Turnarounds feature one character at a full front, side, and 3/4 or back view. No background. Space will intentionally be left open for client to input Character details. Client may update character description on artwork as necessary, but no changes to the actual artwork is allowed. These are priced higher to reflect level of difficulty.

Fully Colored Simple Character $250
Fully Colored Complex Character $400
Including weapons are an additional fee.

 Request a Quote

The Client must make commission inquiries as specific as possible. Clear and concise visual references and/or description of a commission idea is recommended to be provided by the Client.  All quote requests should be sent  There is no fee for an initial consultation.

Required Client Information

The artist will not share Client contact information, and will only use the client’s information for communication purposes during the commission process.

Before the artist commits to a project, the following information is required.

Email address: Once the artist accepts a commission, all correspondences will be through email.

Phone Number: The artist will not share the client’s phone number or call the Client unless there is a conflict of interest, schedule, or payment.

Age: If the Client is under 18, he/she must supply contact information for his/her parent or guardian. The artist has the right to contact the parent/guardian of an under-aged Client, to ensure that there is no conflict of interest, and the Minor is able to pay for the commission.

Physical Address: Only needed unless shipping the art commission.

Creation Process


Based on the client’s description, the artist will begin the commission process by first creating a thumbnail, or quick sketch with a focus on figuring composition rather than details.  This is the stage in the drawing with the most freedom to make changes.  The client may request up to 5 different thumbnail sketches.


Based on the thumbnail sketch chosen by the client, the artist will begin adding more details to the drawing.  Aside from certain special effects that the artist has found look best when added at a different stage, all the major components and details of the drawing will be included.  The client may request changes to the details added in the pencils, like clothes, expression, hair, etc, but not composition changes.

Inks and Flats

Inking is a finalization of the pencils and any changes requested by the client.  After inking, the artist will begin filling flat areas of color.  The client may make color change requests in this stage, but should keep in mind the exact shades of the color may look a little different in the rendering phase, when the artist will add shadows and highlights.  Occasionally, the artist will change the flat color during the rendering phase for best results.


At this phase, most of the important changes are in place, and the artist is adding in highlights and shadows.  Things like magic effects/glows are added in this stage.  A comparison between inked, flat, and rendered artwork is below.

 Ink - Rizerax by Rizerax Rizpretty1 by Rizerax Rizerax by Rizerax

Requesting Changes and updates

In order to be as efficient as possible, the artist requires revision requests and/or comments be sent via email.  The artist will send the client screenshots of the artwork as the artist completes each stage of the drawing, and will allow time for the client to respond with revision requests.  The artist will then incorporate the changes as appropriate, move to the next phase and send another screenshot, repeating the process until the project is complete. At the request of the client, the artist will wait for the client to accept revisions before going to the next phase. As the artwork progresses, the client may not request changes to a previously agreed upon step. For example, the client may not request changes to line work once rendering has begun.


Due to the interactive nature of the creation process, the artist is not responsible for commissions exceeding a deadline due to lack of response from the client.  During the consultation, the artist will give the client reasonable expectations of how long each phase will take.  The artist will make effort that all commissions, unless specified, will take no longer than 60 days to complete.  In the case that the artwork is needed before 60 days of the artist accepting the commission, a rush fee may be added.  

Terms of Service

These Terms of Service are relevant to non-commercial projects only, and are subject to revision, without notice. The Client must read, understand and agree to all the below terms before entering into an agreement with the Artist.

By sending payment, the Client agrees to the following terms.

  • The Artist has the right to refuse any commission request.
  • The Artist reserves the right to issue a refund and cancel a commission due to poor communication, rude/inappropriate behavior, or an inability to effectively communicate in the English language. Refund amount will be at the Artist's desecration based on the amount of work already completed.
  • The Artist will not create any depiction of hateful/racist imagery of real people or races. Hateful or racist imagery of fictional races is at the Artist's desecration. Depiction of illegal or sexual acts is at Artist's description.
  • The Artist retains all rights to the commissioned artwork, including the rights to distribution (i.e., to create prints, merchandise, etc.).
  • The Artist retains the right to display all commissioned work on any personal website, gallery, or journal.
  • In the case of a non-digital piece of artwork, the Client may request the original inks/pencils to be shipped. The Artist is not responsible for shipping. The Client must pay the cost of shipping.
  • The Client may not re-distribute, reproduce, or sell the Artist's work, or profit from the artwork.
  • The Artist is not responsible for printing (digital media). Works will be emailed to the Client in a format and resolution applicable for an 8 x 10 print.
  • The Client may exhibit the Artist's work in any online/offline art gallery without the permission of the Artist. Links to the Artist’s gallery, and/or are required.
  • The Client is advised to specify the size of his/her commissioned image, whether digital or traditional. Excessively large images will cost more.
  • The Client may resize/crop the commissioned artwork to create icons, wallpapers, or other graphics to be used in non-commercial digital format, but the client cannot alter the artwork itself.
  • The Client may not have another artist work or add anything to the Artist’s work, unless Artists is informed prior to the start of the work and Artist agrees.
  • Client rights can be negotiated for an added fee. If the commissioned image will be used for commercial purposes, the Artist must be notified prior to the start of work. Commercial use of images will be decided upon on a case-by-case basis, and will result in an increased commission price. New terms of service must be decided upon before the Artist begins any work on a commission for commercial use.
  • Alterations to the image during creation are at the Artist's description


Rasputin by Rizerax
Apparently, making new D&d characters generates art. I am now Putin, a warlock and my only spell is summon swarms of bats XD

BTW another player is an anthropomorphic bat named Artok.
Celci Thimblewatch by Rizerax
Celci Thimblewatch
The nice thing about markers is how quickly you can finish something.

I was also so busy paying attention to combat that I signed my name with the year 2051. XD
I was waiting until after Origins to post the commissions that I got to do for the PCs.  I didn't get to join the game, but it was a lot of fun working on them :)
K C Vlanden by Rizerax
K C Vlanden

Part of a series of commission for a game master at Origin’s Game Fair 2015.  



Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
My favorite genre is fantasy and fan art. I love a lot of different shows, books, manga, anime, and comics, but most of all I am a gamer at heart. From tabletop D&d to Elder Scrolls Online, I love video games.

I am open for commissions on a limited bases (I'm a college student), and while I will work on art, school takes priority. Feel free to drop a note!

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